For some, this page may seem more topical now; for others, police brutality as an issue never really went away.

It’s not hard to spot the love-hate relationship with organized religion in my work overall. Almost every long-term project I’ve done at least grapples with it (in stark contrast to the comics I edit for Pixie Trix, which almost entirely avoid it even when dealing with literal angels and demons). I think I have more characters than the average 21st-century nerd writer who represent the best of what religion has to offer (Fans’ Rikk, Penny and Aggie‘s Katy-Ann, and a certain member of this Sisterhood whom we won’t meet for a while). These nuns do not.

They don’t quite represent the absolute worst, and I think this page hints that the Sisterhood may have once been a kinder, more love-based organization, the way it now pretends to be. But that’s cold comfort to anybody living under their thumb now.