It’s important to try to supply some nuance even when you’re setting up a subculture to be the heavies and you don’t have time to give them individual personalities. The way the nuns here can be strict without always being stern is another detail that would help their development down the line, and Erica does a really good job of showing in that one dude’s face how that can make them more fearsome, not less. At least when authoritarian regimes are consistent, you have some sense that there are rules you can follow and futures you can predict.

For a few years there, lolcats were arguably one of the most popular comics genres in existence, depending on how you define “comics.” But I made this observation around the time I was getting out of any comics-related essay-writing, so I didn’t really do much with it except this little contribution to the field. Oh, and there was the supervillain Emoticat (talking cat, emotion-controlling emoji T-shirt, lolcats-style dialogue) designed for a long fanfic-tribute to an old favorite that I finally got out of my system a few years ago.