In this page, I burned through one of our best early ideas for Frigg: that she’d briefly experiment with something like the “chainmail bikini” of a Red Sonja, just long enough to experience for herself how impractical it is. This is still more comfortable-looking than the wedgie waiting to happen that is Sonja’s best-known, 1970s Marvel design. But with the materials on hand and her skill set, this is about as close as Frigg could believably get.

She is clearly doing it to get a rise out of the nuns, establishing that her trolling of Morbundi is a consistent M.O. for her, which is definitely a better motivation than most Sonja-types dole out for their sartorial choices, when a flash of guilt motivates the creators to try to justify it at all. “I’m… I’m doing it to distract weak-minded men! And to show that I need protection from no one and nothing! What’s that, Mr. Director? I should arch my back more? O… okay…”

Both Phil and I were pretty adamant from the start that Frigg would wear real armor. We don’t have any objection to women looking sexy, but in our view then and now, a very limited definition of “sexy” has poisoned a lot of fantasy. Erica went all in on creating a more accurate sense of fashion, researching the hell out of clothing and weapons from the medieval days to the Industrial Revolution, and the fruits of her labors become evident on the page after this as we start getting a better look at Byron.