Unusually, Best’s lyrics here are Phil’s, and are they ever revealing. It’s a great little irony that Syr’Nj, who ordinarily might’ve sensed the cry for understanding in them, is too busy geeking out about her echolocation experiment (and okay, being preoccupied with escaping the trap). Best’s failure to gel with the group is almost entirely his own fault, but few things are 100%.

This was definitely the chapter that Phil pretty much took over writing the titles, though we’d both throw ideas at it for a while. I had to look up “Mirror’s Edge” even for this synopsis. (Also, we plain forgot to put in that title until like midway through the chapter, probably because the unusual structure was throwing even us off.)

(sigh) Alluding to Escher bathroom tiles isn’t quite the same as showing them. And where are the bathrooms in this place? Well, the sky elves were wizards, so maybe they addressed that problem J.K. Rowling-style.