I mean, if you want to get TECHNICAL, Gravedust was the one first with the answer there and Syr’Nj interrupted his explanation halfway through. Still, I’m amused by the friendly vibe between Best and Syr here. Depending on how you define the term, you could even call it “flirting” (there’s no romantic or sexual interest on Syr’Nj’s part at this point, but a certain playfulness to her mild dis). This has never happened between them before and never will again.

From the script: “4. Frigg runs up onto the board bravely, unafraid of what might come (as is her wont). She turns back toward us with an easygoing smile as we see what’s behind her. They are statues in the shape of chess pieces. We’ll see them in much greater detail in the next few pages, but here’s a quick guide.

They all resemble their own type and rank, although fully poised for battle. They are humanoid in shape, but those shapes are exaggerated for artistic license (the rooks can be hulkish, the pawns would be somewhere close to halfling-size). Get creative, they ought not to look like regular joes, but sweet sculptures come to life to do battle. If eyes are ever clearly visible, they would be completely blank. All of the pieces look Sky Elvish, of course.

The rooks would have heavy weapons like balls on chains, warhammers.
The pawns would have pikes.
The bishops should have maces.
The knights would of course be on mount, and as such have lances.
The kings have shields and ornate swords.
The queens are unarmed (they cast elemental spells).”