Around this time, Phil wrote about half of a children’s-book-style story we would’ve presented as a bonus at some point. I’m not sure why we didn’t go back and finish it once the need for bonus stories became greater: maybe he was saving it for the later volumes we never printed. Anyway, here’s how it started:

Once upon a time, in the Golden Hills of Arkerra…
There was a Frigg.

The Frigg seemed like any ordinary girl, but she was different.
Most girls her age were frail, quiet, and obedient.
The Frigg was tough, loud, and very unruly.

Her parents found her to be a nuisance, and wished she would learn how to be a lady, and patiently wait for the day her suitor would arrive.

“Fuck that,” said the Frigg. “I’ma whup on the sooder the minute he lays his stupid eyes on me!”
“And then I’m gonna pee on him!”