Hey, Byron, you know who really hasn’t worked together with Frigg or Gravedust very much? Any of the new guys you just met. This is more about “training everyone to fight apart from you” than you want to admit.

The imagined scene here is sort of the rough draft for a special poster that we marketed apart from the other three. Naturally, it was pretty gory, and while blood and guts are part of GA‘s tableau, we didn’t necessarily want blood and guts to be new readers’ first impression of the series.

We were going to press with Volume 1 around the time this page dropped, but I’m pretty sure I came up with the reference to Rendar here before writing the Volume 1 bonus story in which he first appeared. I kind of liked the idea of having a significant named figure in the story we would never actually see, but developing Sundar via his dynamic with Rendar was ultimately a better choice.