So here is our final poster image, and as Phil wanted, it’s pretty metal! Like Frank Frazetta if he toned down the male-gaze fanservice. Bladed weapons aren’t really Frigg’s thing usually, but we seemed to need some more traditional monster-slaying imagery here.

The wolf’s words are designed to be somewhere between the Courage Wolf meme and his more extremist cousin, Insanity Wolf; we asked John to render the former but adapt him to our needs. I think the fact that he’s not quite one meme or the other lends him a little more ambiguity: we’re never entirely sure whether he’s Frigg’s friend.

For a while, we thought the wolf might be a more remote force here, urging Frigg on while she fights against an ogre five times her size. Having her fight against her own spirit animal from the start was more potentially confusing, but it was also more Frigg, and even at this stage we were pretty sure we knew their relationship would end with this dream made more literal. You can’t be the divine avatar of defiance and also just take dictation as the gods tell you what to do!