Phil’s script for panel 3: “Gravedust makes a surprised, incredulous face. He has been confronted with the utterly unbelievable and yet somehow oddly appropriate psychological issue of the most self-assured person he has ever known. Frigg, the most domimant personality on Arkerra, isn’t sure who she is. If Dusty’s face was an emoticon, it would be |:-| It’s somewhere between ‘wat’ and ‘I see what you did there.’ It’s a ‘I can’t believe it, but here we are’ face. The eyebrows and the mouth are level… damn near perpendicular. The mouth is tensed as its drawn to its full length outwards. The eyelids are drawn close ever so slightly. The feeling cannot be described. You may well be inventing the representation of a brand new level of accepting life’s absurdity.”

I thought this might have left John overwhelmed and perplexed, so I invited him to make comments if need be; Phil replied he was just setting the mood for funsies. In any case, John had no complaints, and he set up a nice contrast between its very static nature and the hyperactive panel 5, which, believe it or not, didn’t get nearly as much description:

“Frigg has now distracted herself completely with some other, far worse-off shlub’s problems: That poor, poor bastard Byron. And HER! Poor HER! She can’t believe they’re going to have to do today. Her arms may well be flailing in incredulity. We’ll need plenty of room for dialogue here.”