Back to Phil’s end of things…

“We’re back in the attic. The room glows with the floor lanterns, balanced by a scant few places where such things could be hung. Frigg, Gravedust and Syr’Nj are looking slightly past and above us (At Byron, behind the camera, chained up to his post). The camera is somewhere between Byron’s waist and knees.

ATTIRE: Syr’Nj is mostly the same as before. Syr’Nj now has her lab gear donned over her civvies. A stethoscope hangs around her neck in the traditional doctor’s fashion. Frigg is not wearing her armor, since the speed reduction would hinder her too greatly if Byron gets loose. She is instead wearing the clothes and the chain shirt that she wears underneath the plate, and leans forward upon her mace with her hands causally. Gravedust is in the same outfit he is always in. His quiver is mounted and his bow is in his grasp.

The three of them are kind of weirded out by the situation. On our right, Gravedust looks oddly conflicted and thoughtful. On our left, Frigg is making a medium-level ‘what the fuck am I looking at?’ face. Syr’Nj, in the center, performs admirably at hiding her discomfort and trying to put on a brave face for her man.”