This sequence implies that Hewie and Pyre have had many encounters with Bandit before this, like they were her personal Sheriffs of Nottingham. “Never beaten me before and y’never will” also lowers the tension of this scene a tad, but it’s necessary for Bandit to consider them lesser threats for her to risk opening up to them long enough to get to the meat of this.

To some readers, it might also imply that stealing this document may have begun Bandit’s thieving career and ended her days in Gnometown. To some degree, that may be true… treason against the powerful would probably make things too hot for Bandit to continue living where she’s such a well-known pariah. But as we’ll learn later, Bandit got notorious for stealing things some time before she started using grappling hooks and hoods and really leaning into the “thief” role.

I think that’s the biggest grin we’ve ever seen on Jarvis.