Syr’Nj and Byron are never going to be one of those couples that does absolutely everything together. These next couple of scenes will see them attempting exercises in which their s.o.’s presence would be appreciated but ultimately counterproductive. Syr’Nj’s conversation with Yalaria wouldn’t have even gotten this far if there was a rugged, weapon-bearing human in the corner with an obvious connection to her.

Here, Syr’Nj is doing her best to wear several hats. She is indeed a doctor, motivated to cure wounds and ease suffering. She is also a diplomat, trying to make an ally of a one-time enemy and, by doing so, take a step toward concluding the war and limiting bloodshed. And most awkwardly at the moment, she is outranked by Ardaic and does hope to get some information he can put to more immediate tactical use.

She can do all these things at once. They’re each pointing her in the same direction. But doing so does mean she has to… well, it’s ugly, but here it is… politely ignore the fact that Yalaria’s current condition is due to the decisions of the man who’s calling her shots. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately for Syr’Nj’s soul in the long run, Yalaria herself will not ignore this.