Panel 1 kinda looks like Syr’Nj’s sympathetic hand is resting on or about to rest on an open wound, which would be uncharacteristically dumb of her. Pretty sure we meant her to trigger Yalaria’s response only with her words, not with bad touch. (I had a cat I was rescuing attack my hand the other day, so I feel for Syr here regardless.)

“We never did anything to you” refers to avians’ early history with humans, not Yalaria’s more recent actions. But, um, in fairness to Ardaic’s point of view, it is true that Yalaria doesn’t seem to grasp that her recent destruction of lives and property might be a better explanation of her imprisonment, specifically, than just humans being dicks to be dicks.

Guilded Age has no shortage of characters making keen political insights. I think Yalaria is better seen as a representative of her people than a fount of wisdom disguised by simple words.