I would have definitely said that Phil must have come up with “before the lock,” but apparently I was on top of Frigg’s style of slang for once.

Phil did, however, bring up the excellent point that Frigg and Syr’Nj had already worked together on another example of “blitzkrieg diplomacy,” and it was worth bringing that up in this conversation. He also elaborated further on the moss elk we see in panel 2 and its role within both wood elf society and Arkerran ecology, mostly for our own benefit, but straightening out details like that helps this civilization feel lived in.

We are traveling through several of B’ial Vezk’s “outermost rings” here. The concentric nature of the settlement, radiating outward from its oldest and most important areas, is inspired not by an actual bull’s-eye, but (of course) by the rings of a tree. (Even B’ial Vezk does believe in expansion… it’s just very very slow and even expansion.)