Byron gives “meeting the family” his best shot in panel 1. I, uh, wouldn’t normally recommend trying to resolve your sister-in-law’s conflicts with your wife/fiancee immediately upon meeting them, but Fr’Nj is friendly enough to take his words at face value.

Kon’kr’s anticlimactic scene here more or less meant we had to give him a better moment or two later, or his whole character would’ve felt like an anticlimax.

I figure most of you got that “Kon’Kr” sounds like “conker,” as in “conk on the head” (and I guess it could also be “conquer”). Kur’Ik, in the corner here, is named for famous newscaster Katie Couric, though we almost went with Med’Oh, which would’ve invoked both meadows and Rachel Maddow. In either case, it’s not worth thinking about those TV personalities’ personalities too much. Kur’Ik is too young and inexperienced to resemble either of them at their most famous.