My notes for Kon’Kr called him “Aneihilla’Tr,” then, even more ridiculously, “Un’eye’hilait’R.”

An ambitious social climber in a society that usually accords respect based on age, he is also devoted to war upon the humans. He is one of the most bloodthirsty wood elves, and is pushing for a series of utterly ruthless strikes that give even Naror’Nj pause. He may help Syr’Nj in two ways– first, by unconsciously demonstrating just how inhumane an endless war would make wood elf society, and second, by leading a bold but fatal counterstrike against Harky’s forces.

In revisions, I kept the fanatical human-hatred that exceeded even Naror’Nj’s and lost almost everything else. You have to establish aspects of the culture before you can present exceptions to them, and online readers hadn’t yet met any elders except Syr’Nj’s parents, so making Kon’Kr an elder himself made much more sense. The role of leading the bold but fatal counterstrike would go to (ahem) another named wood elf, and the role of “demonstrating how inhumane an endless war would make wood elf society” wouldn’t really be workable once we got rid of Byron’s trial. Unless you argue that the Savage Races do that.