Unclear whether Rachel knows about Frigg’s attraction to Scipio. She’s got a pretty good sense of people and even a fair sense of Frigg, but she is a little inclined to take Frigg at face value, and Frigg’s one-sided insult war with Scipio is reason enough for Rachel’s amusement.

Pacifism in wartime is a tricky subject. Fr’Nj’s ability to communicate with beasts could have had a lot of offensive applications in this conflict, but at this point in Fr’Nj’s development, you might as well ask Superman to start flash-frying innocent people to death with his heat vision as ask her to command violence against another. This will change, at least for a while.

I… guess Byron means that Gr’Zl is the leader, there, and he’s following Gr’Zl’s commands because even though he’s not an archer he’s on their side? I think this might’ve been clearer before revisions.