Fr’Nj’s reaction here is highly intriguing to me, looking back on it. She is a high druid, and we’ve treated B’ial Vezk as a one-faith state throughout, so she must believe in Graiya as her father did. What’s more, as we’ll see later, her powers are pretty close to the same kind as the ones Syr’Nj is wielding right now, though certainly smaller in scale and less violent in execution. So this is a bit like being the Pope when the voice of God Himself echoes through the Vatican.

But rather than try to speak directly to her goddess or ask Syr’Nj to do the same, Fr’Nj is just like “LET GO OF IT!”

She probably knows more about that bough than any other named character in this story. She may know more about it than anyone else alive. So maybe she knows what’s happened when other people have tried to wield it.