I think I took point on dialoguing some of this page; notes are spotty, but Syr’Nj’s attempt to articulate the real concern of the moment, and Byron immediately understanding what she means despite her stammering, feels like something I’d do. Maybe Byron’s own awkward speech in panel 4, too. I was definitely more interested than Phil in the various ways people struggle with words. Thanks, childhood speech impediment!

Scene description, though, definitely feels like Phil: With as much ceremony as the wood elves can muster right now, Faereksch’Nj essentially knights Byron, placing a garland of flowers on him as he kneels. The two of them are surrounded by wood elves and Gastonians alike, with Syr’Nj and Fr’Nj standing to one side of Faereksch’Nj. Syr’Nj looks shaky, and Fr’Nj is watching her carefully. The rest of the Gastonian Peace-Makers (sans Gravedust) stand side by side with Byron to receive their honors. One or two of them may have already received their laurels, the wood elf doing the crowning has difficulty reaching the top of Scipio’s head.

Whoever wrote the “flax” bit, Phil noticed its questionable botany and had Byron notice it in a last-minute revision.