Not sure we’d gotten confirmation before this that Gravedust shares the wood elves’ conviction that, friend or foe, everyone deserves to be laid to rest with respect. It’s gonna be a busy night for him.

Kudos to John (actually, I could start every one of these annotations with “kudos to John”) for panel 3, which puts four narratively important, wildly disparate elements into a single composition and makes it look easy: Rachel and E-Merl as foreground silhouettes, Gravedust departing, Fr’Nj and Scipio and the elk passing, and the dead. All of this matters, because Rachel’s point is that while the dead surround them and even their friendships aren’t always reliable, there is beauty in even this moment if you know where to look.

Last panel’s description, from the script: “Rachel begins to hesitate and blush slightly as the spiritually starved E-Merl reaches out to put a hand on her face, and NO, YOU IDIOT, E-MERL, THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO KISS HER, STOP NOW, YOU MORON, BEFORE YOU RUIN EVERYTHING”