Well, y’know, Gravy… war is pretty much just violence and conflict with extra violence and conflict.

But I get it. Gravedust’s fears are not on a personal scale, they are of abstractions that could doom his entire people to a large-scale conflict that would kill many of them, perhaps all of them, and leave any survivors forever scarred. I wish I could say I didn’t relate.

Considering his stated goal of trying to secure reparations from humans, it’s an odd choice to involve himself in a conflict between two non-humans that won’t win him any friends among humankind, but as he’ll explain shortly, his principles will not allow him to let someone be bullied. And look, I like Bandit most of the time, but she is being a bit of a bully here. The need to keep her skills honed could excuse stealing from the less fortunate, but not the taunting.