“This isn’t the last you’ve seen of me!” foreshadows Bandit into the wooden post, vowing that she will somehow repay this mark for the indignity of taking back the hat Bandit stole.

You all know who the Mystery Warrior is in the last panel here, right? I mean, I don’t think it was even that subtle the first time: after Frigg freed herself from the nuns, she was resolving to get herself some plate armor… and guess what this person has? Armor that looks mostly like Frigg’s in the flash-forwards!

“Goathole” is probably as close to a “Goatse” reference as we could get.

Arguably, this is our second and final reference to classic Red Sonja. In her earliest incarnations, she made a vow never to sleep with anyone unless they had first defeated her in fair battle. This is not unprecedented in mythology (Atalanta made it a foot race, for instance), but it’s not unproblematic to modern sensibilities, and it’s certainly not a Frigg thing except for the “bring it on! I’ll fight everyone in the world” part. A few years after we did this scene, Gail Simone wrote a new version of Sonja who had never made such a vow… and was Friggishly unimpressed when she met a man who had.