“I already got the amulet.”

I’m not sure I understand the “ticking clock” Byron is trying to impose here. Surely if Bandit already has the amulet, she can just hold onto it for a minute or two? And while I’m taking easy shots, most magicians in this world seem to be pretty ambidextrous when it comes to casting magic, E-Merl and his special rings aside. Better get both those hands to be safe, Frigg.

And yes, we realize that that’s not how you use that “long S” letter on the bag of “CHIPS” there, but it struck us funny all the same (we’d use that running gag a LOT more in this chapter, and then quickly taper it off as we started to get feedback from commenters who didn’t get it mixed with feedback from commenters who got it but wanted us to be strict grammarians about it).

My favorite bit here, though, is how Erica makes the startled cultists’ eyeballs subtly so big that they are no longer contained within their hoods.