The title “NOT TO REASON WHY” is a bit of a happy accident. We had our eyes on a theme where we focused on “reasons,” on what motivated the characters to get together, but as we got into it, we sort of realized nothing special “motivated” them to get together. Their beginnings are very traditional for fantasy and especially fantasy games: they are a band of misfits who became adventurers because they didn’t have any other realistic options. As Tennyson had it, “theirs NOT TO REASON WHY, theirs but to do and die.” If you’re not A NOTEWORTHY SON of a noble family, then you might find yourself in the same boat.

It would only be later in the story that Gravedust and Syr’Nj would get to actualize their broader political ambitions and the other charter members of the Peacemakers would discover some. For now, it’s “see cultist, kill cultist.”

I have a new collection of anagrams out on Kindle (soon to be in print), representing not just my own paltry abilities (see “A NOTEWORTHY SON” above) but the best and brightest I’ve found over years of searching every corner, from the great works of literature to the fruits of modern software. If you enjoy goofy wordplay like “Syr’Nj” and “please re-tweet,” then this may be just what you need to brighten up your week. Sample available below!