I touched on this in an earlier annotation or two, but one of my big preoccupations in comics scriptwriting is fight dialogue. It used to be (and frankly, sometimes still is) a struggle for me to get the right words out under normal circumstances; it’s really intimidating to imagine having to shout orders in the fog of war and hope my voice commands attention. I can relate hard to Bandit here, is what I’m saying.

And I needed that hook, because Phil’s idea of Bandit as the team’s field commander was one I had to talk myself into a bit. Yes, obviously she’d commanded the three newer Peacemakers in adventures that the readers never had gotten (and mostly never would get) to see, but we’d just done a story about how she felt like an outsider within the group, and those feelings seemed at least partly justified by how the story ended (sure, Rachel was nice to her there, but E-Merl and Scipio, who were her own recruits, seemed kind of leery of her).

How to get from that to “Command-It Keynes?” Well, read on.