Okay, this scene transition really makes it look like the Cultists are going to come through to our world, doesn’t it? Especially given the use of purple in the previous scene.

I guess we could’ve done that. Would’ve meant throwing out our concept of Guilded Age‘s cosmology, but I don’t think there’s anything in the story up to this point that would say it couldn’t be done. And even if so, the Cultists are about breaking the traditional rules of the universe anyway, right? That’s one thing they and HR have in common, sorta.

Heh, worth thinking about. I had Bezos money, I might fund some What If? alternate story where HR, driven by madness and reasons he can’t name, gives the Cultists a door into Sepia World, meaning he and Carol would have to ally with the Peacemakers to stop the destruction of both universes. It’d be less satisfying in the long run than what we did, but as a thought experiment, it could get pretty wild.