That second panel’s a lot of fun (only Phil would’ve conceived the Sundar-Bandit bit), though it does kind of cross the line between foreshadowing and giving a later gag away. I like the detail that Fr’Nj is getting paint all over herself as she puts a sign together. Scipio may be too, but I’d expect his movements to be more precise.

“But why do I gotta wear makeup TO BED? The protest isn’t ’til next morning.”
“Aw, this’s just practice an’ gettin’ you comfy with th’idea. T’morrow we apply th’ rouge!”

Byron’s decision in panel 3 seems a bit odd to me now. Either (1) he doesn’t fully understand what he’s seeing but thinks it’s Frigg-inspired, inconsequential chaos that would only tax Syr’Nj’s resources to know about, or (2) he DOES understand what he’s seeing and thinks Syr’Nj needs plausible deniability.