Finally we see the fruits of Phil’s Byron’s long labors. Though the imagery of Brunhilde and the Silver Centurion and the others fighting side by side, with the surviving “cubs” gathering in a bar to remember the dead, is, perhaps, a bit ominous.

Let’s give the mic over to biggmac’s original comment on this page:

Friends, Roamers, Gastoni-men: Four wars and twenty beers ago, we adventurers sought to prove that no bastard ever won a battle by dying for Gastonia; we made the other poor bastards die for their country. Yet we have a dream that one day we will be judged, not for the color of our sins, but by the content of our caricatures. So ask not what your adventurers can do for you; ask what you can do for your adventurers. You say you fight tooth and nail. You say you want the tooth. You can’t handle the tooth. Indeed, as it is written, blessed are the evildoers, for they shall see God, just before they go to hell. For, being naughty in his sight, shall snuff them. Amen.