What, LAST page had end quote marks where it shouldn’t, and THIS page has NO quote marks in the captions? And what’s going on with the periods?

…Phil was tired, T, that’s what. Okay, as I stumble offstage, have another comment from Chris, this one earning one of Phil’s Gold Stars:

…and for just 0.02 copper a day you too can help to save the life of an Adventurer. Everyday hundreds of newbies die at the hands of low level mobs in an effort to make it to level 2. Their heart warming tales of suffering at the hands of *large brown rabbit* will fill you with a sense of joy, that with just a small donation a day will let them be able buy *hardened accurate spork* to be able to achieve the next level.

So please, how can you not look into the eyes of these poor newbies and not help? Just for a meager 0.02 copper a day you can make the difference for someone that just might one day return your generosity by *quest: slay angry troll pillaging farm* for just 0.02 copper a day.