So let’s address the really vital question: why am I not tagging “Ardaic” in this scene?

As you know if you followed the original, the answer to whether Ardaic is the Silver Centurion is “sometimes.” The power is his to use… or grant to another, as he sees fit. Since that power springs from duty, the Centurion is more or less “the voice of Gastonia” no matter who’s under the mask.

With that in mind, whether he’s Ardaic or not in this particular scene is a question I’d rather leave unanswered. Not that it’d be out of character. There weren’t many sins Ardaic wouldn’t commit in the name of strengthening his nation.

[EDIT: Somehow the next day’s page got scheduled to update like two hours after this one. I’ve rescheduled it to give this one a bit more room to breathe.]