Another fight that Phil would have probably preferred to last a bit longer. I can sort of see his point on this one, but I think he made it as impressive as he could in the space allowed. We had some back-and-forth on other parts of this scene, but this one was all him.

It’s tricky since both of these guys are such unknowns at this point. We know Brunhilde’s a legend among fighters, and she certainly looks the part (thanks, John), but we’ve never seen her in a fight before this. We saw Silver Centurion easily deal with Sundar, whom we know can hold his own against non-berserking Byron, but even so, I doubt you’d be prepared to assign either of them stats at this point. Still, that blade in panel 4 seems like it’d be bad news for almost anybody.

Uh, guess the Fightopians used one of Brunhilde’s spare capes for their flag. Or maybe one of them is just good at copying designs or sewing.