I think this page or the next one was the last page we got fully scripted before the Kickstarter launched. It did pretty well right out of the gate.

You’d think that validation would make things easier on Phil and me, especially Phil. In the long run, I think it would, but fundraising brings a lot of different emotions, all fighting for space in your head. Even if things go well, “Ahhh, now to just relax and let the funds roll in” doesn’t get much time to settle before “Should I have set our goals HIGHER? How much has my modesty cost us?” pipes up, followed by “The flow of pledged dollars is slowing. Should it be slowing? Okay, yes, some slowing is normal but IS THIS NORMAL SLOWING or IS IT SLOWING TOO FAST?” and then there’s “ARE THESE STRETCH GOALS I HAVE IN MIND TOO EASY OR IMPOSSIBLE, I DON’T KNOW ANY MORE, MONEY AND LABOR ARE MERE CONCEPTS AND NO LONGER QUANTIFIABLE.”

To some degree, these anxieties brought me and Phil a bit closer, but because he was always our “face of sales” and the Kickstarter’s actual dev, the pressure on him was always going to be greater.