And you thought Brix and Stokla were throwaway characters. Here’s Kazuya and Plutus, whom we killed off before introducing them.

It was important to Phil and me (and John, considering how he designed them) that even such briefly glimpsed figures should feel like they could have been the stars of their own series, had we gone another way. This reinforces the Arkerra-as-game concept, of course: everybody wants their character design to look cool even if they don’t end up playing long. But it’s also like real life: we’re each the hero of our own story. And so was that COVID casualty you read about on the news last week.

One of our Kickstarter bonuses was to “suggest your own GA character,” and really big spenders could have a walk-on part in the story. I was a bit worried they might not want to do that if we got a reputation for butchering our walk-ons without even giving them any cool moments first. We did a bit better by our sponsors when the time came.