I no longer remember if we had any special reasons for the names “Blair” and “Tamara” (“Rosita” was just another “red” name, like “Scarlett”). But the name “Hestia” was deliberately chosen to evoke the Greek goddess of the hearth and home. To the Greeks, Hestia was the least colorful Olympian by a long shot, tending the hearth-fires and otherwise leaving the drama to her family. The human Hestia is… er, was… a much more outsize personality, but her belief that she’s building a home for her sisters and everyone else is still a hollow mockery of her namesake.

A time or two, Rachel has mentioned that life under Mother Scarlett was as abusive as you’d expect it to be. And like many abuse victims, Hestia has fallen into the patterns of her abuser, because they’re the only model she has. Even when she seems half aware that she’s doing so (“the beatings in the streets”), she can’t stop herself.

Hers is a self-hatred directed outward. Fighting the sister she wanted to bring back into the fold is what makes that self-hate catch up with her here, but there’s a good chance something else might’ve later, if Blair didn’t get her first. Yeah, the ways in which this sisterhood was doomed, with or without Rachel’s involvement, have really been piling up.