This page was pretty close to what we had outlined in the first draft, though it’s more visual, and Scipio’s lines here were originally outlined as… Gravedust’s.

Yes, Outline v1 of this story had Gravedust in place of Scipio. It was much rougher in parts, and it didn’t really do justice to either Rachel’s spiritual crisis or the complexity of the sisters’ moral rot. It had Rachel running into her sisters by complete coincidence. Those sisters would then be attacking all the Peacemakers immediately instead of conflicted in their desire to win Rachel over.

It did, however, include a much larger role for Rosita. In it, Gravedust actually did what this version only hinted at, letting Rosita’s ghost tell the tale of her death to Rachel directly. Then her spirit charged up one of his arrows near the story’s climax. (I still regret that we didn’t do a bit more with Gravedust’s absolution-by-archery powers.)

I think we swapped him out because we figured he’d be busy contacting the spirits of dwarven mystics and because Scipio was due for some exposure outside of his relationship with Fr’Nj. We’ll be catching up with Gravedust and one of those dwarven mystics soon enough.