Felinda is meant to be the “mutual acquaintance.” Turns out Felinda believes in traditional journalism enough to contact Shanna instead of just posting a YouTube video and saying “Comment if you know anything about Ferris O’Leary! And remember to like share subscribe!”

Carol’s already hid the body: what’s a little light impersonation next to that? It could be argued that this is simply continuing to hide the body.

Would it have been better for her to take no action here? After mulling it over, I think not: Shanna’s too persistent to let an unanswered PM be the end of her search. Her next move would be investigating any friends listed on that account, then finding someone else who worked at Ferris’ level, the same way she found him. Laura has her suspicions, but loose-lipped Thomas would be the real gold mine.

But in any event, whether it’s the right move strategically or not, Carol is too paranoid not to make a move here. When you feel like you’re about to be attacked, you attack back. Preemptively.