Maybe both those doses of sleeping-draught were for Frigg? I feel like it’d take a lot to put her down even when she wanted to go down, whereas Gravedust can probably nod off whenever he wants (one of the few superpowers that old age gives you).

Phil and I struggled some with “God’s” dialogue in the later scenes. It was supposed to be consistent with Courage Wolf, but Courage Wolf himself was not always internally consistent: he was a meme, and a popular meme is constructed by dozens of different writers, all of whom have different ideas about what constitutes “extreme courage.” And sometimes we’d season a bit of Insanity Wolf in there too, the even more extreme version. So if “God” himself seems a little inconsistent in his advice to Frigg, that’s part of why. He’s training her for defiance, though, so it maybe makes sense he’d pull her this way and that.

Should I tag Best, E-Merl, and Scipio here because of the fusion in panel 1? Eh, Frigg’s version of them is sufficiently warped that it’s only about 20% of each of them.