Phil and I were still having some tense arguments behind the scenes, and I’m glossing over some of those because I’m tired of dwelling on them. But we did have a rewarding one here about Frigg’s mode of speech and how much cleverness it should incorporate. The thrust of it was that 4chan itself is not actually that clever, so you can’t get away with too much of your own cleverness if that’s what you’re trying to replicate. That was Phil’s side: mine was that we would have to change up the insults a little bit here and there. If we didn’t, it might be true to 4chan, but it would also be boring, and almost nothing is worth boring the reader.

So “douchemuzzle” stayed but “vagface,” Phil eliminated as too much. “Blue-lips” we got rid of together; I don’t know what I was thinking with that one.

Phil came up with Frigg’s original last line here, “Sort of want!” But I doubt Frigg would have any reservations about this hunk of beef showing up in her sex dream, and Phil agreed.