This page did not go over as clearly as I’d hoped it would. It would’ve been a bit of a desperation device, but maybe we should’ve added a flashback panel that showed Don Gobligno’s intent more plainly. Perhaps he could have been laughing over the prank he planned to pull on Harky here.

Because selecting Goblaurence was meant as sabotage. Not quite the sort of open defiance that earned him a busted nose, but as close to it as he could safely get. He sees Goblaurence as a useless non-resource, a poison pill. Goblin crime families place great value on family and social capital, which protects Goblaurence somewhat as a cousin of the Don but also means his insights go unrecognized by most, including the Don.

Harky not only sees Goblaurence’s true value, he’s well aware that Gobligno does not. So he can choose his reaction here. He could have pretended to be less sanguine about the choice, but he knows that nothing will frustrate his rebellious lieutenant quite like courteous thanks.