Having shown Harky cool off two or three allies (Arfa, Gobligno, and Goblaurence) who showed him some level of open antagonism, we now throw a different sort of challenge at him. Iver is not quite on Harky’s level as a politician, but he’s miles ahead of Gobligno and a lot more treacherous than anyone else. We know from his very first appearance that he loves making pleasant, ideal-driven chitchat with people he may already be plotting to kill.

I have to admit, it didn’t even occur to me that we were doing fire powers again just two chapters after Hestia. But it wouldn’t have worried me much if it had. Personality is what shapes power, and the personalities here will be very different than hers.

Did Iver foment this movement to flatter Harky for his own ends? Or did he just decide to take advantage of it once he saw it? Probably a bit of both.