Yeah, Harky ain’t buyin’ it. The Tectonican dwarves are not exactly insincere in their beliefs, but they’ve also been coached.

Gondolessa’s decision here does come off as a tiny bit abrupt, but let’s assume he can also read tone of voice. Magda is the only one whose answers don’t sound scripted. Without thinking too hard about it, she’s spilled the beans on her own chieftain’s political machinations. And if she doesn’t take orders from Iver while doing this interview, she probably won’t be taking orders from him as a member of the Champions either, meaning Iver won’t have a ready-made assassin he could use to take control of the Champions or even attack Harky in an unguarded moment.

Plus, look at her make a whole face hologram out of pure fire and even make it recognizable (Hi, Cliff). What are the others doing, lighting up swords and rocks? We got an AP student over here, folks.