C’mon, panel 1 Harky, get with the program: the last page already made it pretty clear that Hammerhead was capable of diagramming a sentence. I guess when you’ve really psyched yourself up to speak Land Shark, it can be a bit of an adjustment to stop again.

Panel 4 is almost like the land shark hive-mind has to honor its leader by proving his point. It’s fun to see them in feeding frenzy, but you have to imagine their numbers would be dwindling pretty quickly if they were always doing this without a Hammerhead in their midst. And Penk is also correct: if the sharks truly couldn’t distinguish between friend and foe, then it wouldn’t make sense for them to be part of the Rebellion, like, at all.

TBH, these conflicts in the whole land-shark concept may not bear too much thinking about in narrow, definitive terms. It’s probably best to say they’re in the middle of evolutionary progress, with sharks like Hammerhead or Gizzard Wizard representing a couple steps forward and “SHUT UP YOU’RE NOT STRONG” and the frenzy representing one step back.