Harky has been preparing to pass the torch since before he and Penk met. In service of that goal, he tells him some curated truths that both deepen their bond and point Penk where he wants him to go. Yes, young man, I was like you once, which means that you may someday be like me. And “someday” could be in about a couple of hours, if you’re ready, as I think you are.

It will take Penk years of reflection before he realizes that Harky was already pretty sure what the answer would be before he asked his question. A wise leader wouldn’t be investing so many resources into a fifty-fifty shot.

Originally, we had some narration from Penk here, concluding with the somewhat nervous-making line “It’s about hate.” At this moment in time, Penk is ready to buy into everything Harky represents, including the uncompromising wish for death to all the Rebellion’s enemies. That’s more about honoring his “father” than what he feels in his heart, but he’ll take some time to realize that.