ICYMI, panel 1 here is very similar to Chapter 1’s first panel, which also showed an active volcano and led into a direct invocation of Tectonicus. It could very easily be the same volcano, actually: Syr’Nj’s TNT wouldn’t have damaged it too much and the Rebellion might’ve claimed this territory from Gastonia afterward. Anyway, I like how John and Erica’s styles sort of fuse here, as he’s working partly off her reference and partly off his own naturalistic sense.

Lovely colors on the whole page, too.

“You will forget who you once were” is true in some senses, one of which will be demonstrated before this chapter is over. But in others, it underscores the differences between these trolls. While Harky has truly become a person he never would’ve been without the Fireseye, with perhaps only his relationship with Gondolessa as something he chose for himself, Penk will be distinguished by a few traits from his old life he will refuse to discard.