I’m honestly so proud of Magda here.

Goblaurence may be all “I ain’t apologizing for shit,” but he immediately follows that up with a long explanation that’s partly about declaring his  (tentative) loyalty to the group, and what he feels he can bring to it. Someone else might’ve focused on the arrogance that laces his speech, but this is one time when looking for the best in people works in Magda’s favor. In response, she tries speaking a little of his language, and he instantly becomes more comfortable.

Like many conflicts in Guilded Age between people who should ultimately be on the same side, this clash probably had its roots in my clashes with Phil. I’m a genteel and somewhat sheltered Southerner who cares a lot about manners; Phil, as he would say, is from Philly. Figuring out when and when not to take offense was an ongoing struggle in our relationship, and we both had to work a bit to match each other’s frequencies.