At least Seife understands how bad he fucked up, tries to offer Shanna consolation, and understands when she clearly doesn’t want to hear it.

Judith had a handful of scenes in Fans, and she was at least a happy kind of crazy, usually unaware of what she put others through (a distinction from my aforementioned cousin, I’m afraid, who always seemed a little haunted by his self-awareness). Her manic energy gave some comic relief to her scenes with Shanna, and that just wouldn’t have fit in with the emotional aesthetic of Sepia World.

But more to the point, Shanna is right: if she can’t even get through this meeting without a meltdown, she really can’t afford to look her mother in the eye, tell her goodbye, and endure her mother asking her to take a Krakoa flower so she can build a portal to come back. It wouldn’t matter much whether that request were made tearfully or cheerfully.

New Shakespeare’s Trump, which is weirdly also about watching a beloved relative slip into irrational thinking? Look, I swear I’m not doing this on purpose.