Oh, Magda… that’s why you’re noble.

We weren’t sure how obvious to be in panel 4: other versions had Fr’Nj saying “The grass…” or just gasping silently. Her druidic powers are a bit undefined, so we wanted to make it clear it was her plant-empathy that signaled her to the Rebel army’s approach, not some more general cosmic awareness. Because if it were the latter, that would again beg the question of why she wasn’t using it all the time.

Original draft had Fr’Nj foster tree growth to reinforce the tower wall, but again, that was too much: until she levels up, she’ll only be using that power to deal with immediate, urgent danger. We were pretty clear from the first that she should get her contribution in early because, as a pacifist, she wouldn’t be participating in the actual fight itself. Though as you’ll see, we changed our position on that a bit in Chapter 30.