Speaking of inconsistencies…

It’s honestly pretty great to see anyone describe the Peacemakers, Our Heroes, the living legends, THE PROTAGONISTS, as “just a few guys.” But I’m not sure that reflects all Penk’s feelings on the matter. I mean, he was there when Harky was dragged, bloody and half-dead, from the field after two of those “guys” interfered with his plans. And the way he describes them in Chapter 30, he seems to have built them up in importance.

I think it’s more likely that he’s got jitters about facing them. Right now, he just wants to give his team, and himself, some confidence-building easy wins. That’s understandable, but probably not the best strategic move; it’d give the Peacemakers time to get the Champions’ measure.

And Goblaurence is right too. It’s kind of amazing how good he is at understanding people when it counts, at least when he’s talking to someone he knows will listen.