Soldier in panel 2: “BANTER ON YOUR OWN TIME, PLEASE”

Phil and I had some back-and-forth on whether Bandit’s last line should be “…Auraugu?” Phil won, but I dunno. I feel like if you’ve fought somebody twice, they nearly killed you once, and they have a tendency to narrate their lives loudly, it seems likelier you’d blurt out their name. Or at least say “Oh, no, not HIM” instead of acting like you’re watching TV and just spotted an actor you’ve seen on that other show… you know… oh, what was its name?

At least it let us do a little riff on silent letters. “I know that gnoll.”

Our early notes had Rana tackle Rachel here, which would have rhymed with the Rachel-Yalaria fight and forced Rachel to confront that she captured someone who was later executed… an enemy combatant who was trying to kill her, sure, but still. But Rana has other things to do, so does Rachel, and Syr’Nj already made a more meaningful connection with Yalaria for us to address later.