Wait, we’re done a page early? Really? Does that mean Phil was taking some of my sentiments about keeping things within 24 pages to heart? Ha ha no, that’s definitely not it, see previous and next chapter.

Fr’Nj and Scipio’s exchange here, and the Scipio-Syr’Nj scene that set it up, led some to conclude we were foreshadowing her death, a misconception I was happy to perpetuate.

I think I went on the record once as saying that we had kept to our designated update schedule without a break throughout Guilded Age‘s run. That’s not quite true: I forgot about the time Phil’s ceiling literally caved in and we had to take a pause as a result. That’s probably the reason as much as any that we ended up ending Chapter 29 here, but it’s also a pretty solid cliffhanger.

“Well, hey, there’s only four, that means we’ve got them outnumbered, right?”